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Bryan Toney - acoustic guitar, lead vocals,  backing vocals, piano (Someplace New),  Evan Campfield - electric and acoustic bass, Aaron Cummings - drums, Naomi Woods - violin, viola (Charlottesville), Socrates Razo - Cello (Charlottesville), Tom Troyer - electric guitars, acoustic guitar, keys, percussion, banjo, everything else

Produced by Tom Troyer

All songs written by Bryan Toney. String arrangements by Tom Troyer. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Troyer. Recorded at Black Rabbit Audio, Greensboro NC. Cover design by Joseph Toney. Cover photography by David Corvette.

Click HERE for full liner notes and lyrics.

Charlottesville - Bryan Toney
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Someplace New - Bryan Toney
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Wondering - Bryan Toney
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More American - Bryan Toney
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WITH A Y (2017)


Bryan Toney - acoustic guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, Randy Seals - drums, percussion, electric guitars, backing vocals , Eddie McGee - mandolin, keyboards, Matt Goshow – bass guitar, Adam Collis - trombone  (Hair on Fire)

All songs written by Bryan Toney

Engineered and mixed by Randy Seals, assisted by Matt Goshow

Recorded at On Pop of the World Studios, Greensboro, NC

Mastered by Brent Lambert, Kitchen Mastering

Cover art and graphic design by Joseph Toney, Salt Lake City, UT

Pretty Please - Bryan Toney
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New River Low - Bryan Toney
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